Your Self Discovery Studio – Reboot Community

Where is Your FOCUS ?

How focussed are you, generally, once you set your eyes on something ??

#1. When you set a goal for yourself, how determined are you to achieve it?

#2. How well do you handle obstacles and setbacks when pursuing your goals?

#3. How organized and disciplined are you in planning and executing your goals?

#4. How often do you review your progress and make adjustments to stay on track with your goals?

#5. How do you prioritize your time and allocate it towards achieving your goals?

#6. How well do you handle distractions and temptations that could derail your progress?

#7. How patient are you when it comes to achieving long-term goals?

#8. How do you approach new opportunities or projects that arise while pursuing your current goals?



You demonstrate a high level of focus and determination when pursuing your goals. You are organized, disciplined, and willing to make the necessary adjustments to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

You possess a balanced approach to goal-focused behavior. While you maintain a good level of determination and strive for progress, you also remain adaptable and open to adjustments as needed. You may face distractions and setbacks but navigate them reasonably well.