Your Self Discovery Studio – Reboot Community

Can you? Can’t you? Trust People

#1. How would you describe your initial level of trust when meeting new people?

#2. How often do you find yourself questioning others' intentions or doubting their sincerity?

#3. How do you react when someone breaks your trust?

#4. How willing are you to share personal information or vulnerabilities with others?

#5. How often do you find yourself relying on past experiences to judge someone's trustworthiness?

#6. How do you feel about giving second chances to someone who has previously betrayed your trust?

#7. How often do you find yourself relying on intuition or gut feelings when it comes to trusting others?

#8. How comfortable are you with vulnerability and emotional openness in relationships?



You generally find it easier to trust others and are open to giving people the benefit of the doubt. You approach new relationships with an open mind and are willing to rebuild trust when it’s broken.

You have a balanced approach to trust, exercising caution while also being willing to give others a chance. Consideration of past experiences is important to you as you take your time to establish trust, but you can try being open to building new relationships with better boundaries.