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Stubbornness Test

Are you someone who is too difficult to change their minds? Let’s get started!

#1. In situations where your opinion clashes with others, how likely are you to stand your ground?

#2. How often do you find yourself resisting change or new ideas?

#3. How receptive are you to feedback or constructive criticism from others?

#4. How likely are you to compromise or find middle ground in conflicts or disagreements?

#5. How comfortable are you with admitting your mistakes or acknowledging when you're wrong?

#6. How do you handle situations where someone challenges your authority or questions your decisions?

#7. How often do you hold grudges or find it hard to forgive others?

#8. How willing are you to adjust your plans or goals based on new information or circumstances?



Great job! It seems that you have a flexible and open-minded approach, and you are not strongly inclined towards stubbornness. You are willing to consider different viewpoints, admit mistakes, and find common ground.

You display some tendencies of stubbornness, and there may be room for improvement in practicing open-mindedness and self-reflection to reduce stubbornness. It’s important to work on developing greater flexibility and openness to foster healthier relationships and interactions.