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People Pleasing Detector

Remember, this quiz is just a tool to provide some guidance, and the final answer ultimately depends on your own self-reflection. Let’s get started!

#1. How often do you find yourself saying "yes" to others, even when you don't really want to?

#2. How do you feel when someone expresses disappointment or disapproval of your choices?

#3. How often do you find yourself putting others' needs and desires before your own?

#4. ow comfortable are you expressing your true opinions or preferences, even if they differ from others?

#5. How often do you find yourself apologizing, even when you believe you haven't done anything wrong?

#6. How important is it for you to be liked or approved of by others?

#7. How often do you find yourself taking on tasks or responsibilities that aren't your own?

#8. How much do you prioritize your own self-care and personal needs?



Great job! It seems like you have healthy boundaries and prioritize your own needs and preferences without excessively seeking approval from others. You have a good balance between caring for yourself and considering others.

You exhibit some people-pleasing tendencies, and there may be room for improvement in setting boundaries and expressing your authentic self. It’s important to work on finding a better balance between your needs and seeking approval from others.