Your Self Discovery Studio – Reboot Community

Love Vs. Money

What is it that rules your world when it comes to decision making? Material Aspects of Life or Your Emotions

#1. When making important life decisions, which factor do you prioritize the most?

#2. How do you feel about pursuing a career solely for financial gain, even if it means sacrificing personal fulfillment?

#3. What role does money play in your perception of personal happiness and overall well-being?

#4. How do you approach romantic relationships when it comes to balancing financial stability and emotional connection?

#5. How do you feel about taking financial risks for the possibility of greater financial gain?

#6. How much importance do you place on material possessions and the ability to indulge in luxury?

#7. What brings you a greater sense of fulfillment: financial accomplishments or meaningful relationships?

#8. What impact does financial success have on your self-worth and sense of accomplishment?



You tend to prioritize financial stability and material success over emotional fulfillment and personal relationships. You believe that money plays a crucial role in overall happiness and may prioritize financial considerations in various aspects of life.

You strike a balance between financial stability and emotional fulfillment. While you recognize the importance of money, you also value personal relationships and strive to find a harmonious combination of both in your life. You understand that non-material aspects of life contribute significantly to your happiness and overall well-being.