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Are you still into them?

Remember, this quiz provides a general assessment, and your own self-reflection and emotions are the most crucial factors in determining if you have moved on. Trust yourself and be patient with the healing process.

#1. How often do you think about your ex?

#2. When you see pictures or posts of your ex on social media, how do you feel?

#3. Have you made efforts to remove reminders of your ex from your life (e.g., photos, gifts, messages)?

#4. How do you react when you accidentally bump into your ex in public?

#5. Are you open to dating or exploring new romantic connections?

#6. How do you feel about the idea of your ex being in a new relationship?

#7. When you think about your past relationship with your ex, what stands out the most?

#8. How do you feel about the idea of staying friends with your ex?



You have successfully moved on from your ex, and you’re open to new experiences and connections.

You are in the process of moving on, but there may still be some emotional attachment or struggle in fully letting go.